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Gamma Meditation: Bliss-Out Like a Buddhist Monk

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Essential Details

Date & Time: Saturday 8th Oct 2022 at 18:00 to 20:00 BST (UCT+1 = UK time)

Venue: From the comfort of your home – online via conference call (no requirement for you to be on video)

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Why is this a MUST ATTEND masterclass?

Buddhist Monk with 100+ wires on his head for a neuro-science experiment

This is a unique offering – only available from the IntrAnaut Academy. Have you heard that scientists measured the brainwaves of Buddhist monks, and found there is a wave they were not expecting? The initial scientists who observed this called it a Gamma brainwave. However, other scientists couldn’t find the same brainwave pattern in Buddhist monks from another tradition. This has led to some controversy, since science demands repeatability of an experiment.

Colin has been on Buddhist meditation retreats with monks from various traditions. He spotted a few subtle differences that could explain why some have Gamma brainwaves and others do not. He experienced the bliss that could explain the Gamma brainwaves.

Buddhist Nun Meditating

During meditation, you naturally relax, from your normal brainwave activity (Beta brainwaves), down to Alpha, then Theta, and regular meditators can go down to Delta. Normal mortals are unconscious when they produce a lot of Delta brainwaves. So there is a slide, down from Beta toward Delta brainwaves during meditation. If you look at Gamma brainwaves, it is obvious they go higher than Beta – the opposite direction to what everyone expects.

Why? What’s going on within the minds of these monks and nuns from particular Buddhist traditions that aren’t happening elsewhere? The title of this masterclass gives you a BIG clue. It is the excitement of blissing out!

Would you like to experience this bliss yourself? Would you like to be guided in a meditation that will induce Gamma brainwaves?

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