Meditation: ABC (Absolute Beginners Class)

2 hour masterclass per week (live, online) each Saturday at 18:00 UK BST (UCT+1)

Your step-by-step guide, so you can gain all the benefits of meditating.

Some people have never tried to meditate. This course will take you beyond beginner.
Others have tried but think they are unable to meditate. I’ll GUARANTEE you can meditate by the end of the first session – or your money back!
Many people have tried meditation but are not getting everything they can from their practice. This series of masterclasses is perfect for you.

Each week we shall focus on a different form of meditation, as follows:

  • 27 Aug = IA Intentional Awareness
  • 03 Sept = EA Engrossed Attention
  • 10 Sept = AA Authentic Attitudes
  • 17 Sept = VI Visualisation or Imagination
  • 24 Sept = QI Question or Introspect
  • 01 Oct = MI Mantra or Invocation
  • TBA = RA Restful Absorption

What Do You Get?

Each masterclass takes you by the hand through ONE of the seven forms of meditation, so you are able to:

  1. Define meditation in a way that’s more comprehensive than elsewhere.
  2. Overcome the common mistakes people make.
  3. Understand how all the different parts of meditation fit together.
  4. 7 different meditations – one for each of the 7 spheres of meditation.
  5. Diagnose some common problems people face with meditation (e.g., lack of time, distractions, busy mind).
  6. Understand your choices for overcoming the most common stumbling blocks.
  7. Explore the types of meditation of most interest to you.

This is a practical course, with step-by-step instruction from the Lead Trainer of the Meditation Teacher College, Colin Ellis. Join any class or the all seven to receive:

  1. Live sessions via video conference calls (your video is not required).
  2. This means individual attention and instruction created just for you.

The LIVE, Meditation: ABC will start on Saturday 20th Aug. 2022 at 18:00 BST (UCT+1 = UK time)
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The course is based on the book, There Are Only 7 Ways to Meditate: Make Your Meditation Amazing.

Who is the Meditation Teacher?

photo of Colin Ellis

Colin, aka author Q.C. Ellis, is known as a Meditation Maverick. He has been studying meditation for over 23 years. Highly renowned monks from various Buddhist traditions have guided Colin while on long retreats. He has been on several solitary, silent retreats for 3-12 months. His path was not to stay within a Buddhist tradition, but his pursuit of Enlightenment and continued insights haven’t stopped.

Colin is known for teaching practical methods to awaken your body’s natural restorative abilities and fire up your inbuilt happiness – using meditation as the primary tool. He says, “Retreats create quantum jumps in your personal evolution“.