Navigating the App

From the Home screen – where to find things.
If you are on an iPhone/iPad, Tablet, or the WebApp (website-version of the app), things may look different or be placed differently from these images.

Where is the HELP?

Tap the [START HERE] button on the Home screen, the [App Help] button is there. Tap on App Help to find helpful articles, etc. about the app.

Tap the button, [START HERE]

App Help is at the top

Tap to reveal the content

The [START HERE] content is different to the [MEMBERS] area – even though some of the icons are the same. I suggest you start with [START HERE], but know there is heaps more to explore inside the [MEMBERS] area.

How do I register as a member?

This is a membership app. It’s FREE, and just for security and to make sure the information and resources are only given to those who truly want it. You will also receive the All One Planet newsletter by Colin Ellis.

The menu is at the top-left [☰]

Menu slides out. Tap on Register/Login

Register with your name, email and password

Once registered, you are automatically logged in whenever you open the app. However, if the app is upgraded, you may have to login again.

To login, go to the Menu [☰], tap on Register/Login and you may have to scroll down to see the red >> Login >> link. You will be asked for your email and password.

Where do I go when I register/login?

On registration there is a new Menu item added – Member Content – which pops up immediately on registration (see image below).

Here, you are presented with buttons for various types of content, exclusive to your membership. However, most of the exclusive information will be found in the [START HERE] and [MEMBERS] areas. Of most interest in the Member Content area is the Messages/Updatescheck regularly to find out what’s been added to your membership.

Tap the < arrow to get back to the Home screen

The Member Content screen will disapear in the next upgrade of the app.

The MEMBERS area before joining

There is only the Resources section, which includes information about the Book, plus Podcast audios

The Resources section after joining

The topics/content available depend upon the CODES you have. For instance, the topic of “There Are Only 7 Ways…” (see on the image above), will not be shown unless you have used the code at the back of the book. That code gives you access to content only available to the readers of that book.

When you join as a member, you are immidiately given access at least one code via the newsletter, so you can access certain resources/content depending upon your interest.

What Changes Once I’m a Member?

The [MEMBERS] button only had one section – Resources (see the image above). Once registered as a member, the Homescreen changes to welcome you as an IntrAnaut Member (see the image below).

Beginner IntrAnaut – Member Home Screen

Tap the [MEMBERS] button to see this area now opens 10+ additional sections to explore (see the image below).

The [MEMBERS] button now reveals lots more

Tap on any of the titles to see the various topics available. For example: tap the Meditation label to open the folder to see the folders inside.

If you have unlocked the Stress & Anxiety folder, you will find (under that label) topics such as Anxiety, and Stress-Less (see the image below). The Sleep Well topic is also available via a code, which is offered via the All One Planet newsletter.

E.G., the Stress & Anxiety section reveals topics – which reveal various types of content

With each upgrade, the types of content grows. With the next upgrade, you will see the addition of Documents, and Action Lists, and Links, alongside the Videos, Articles, Questions, Journals, Audios, etc.

I still have a question

If you have any questions, go to the Home screen, tap on the icon at the far right (above the image/video – see the image below), to find the Q&A page.

Top-right of the Home screen

At the top-right of the Ask The Expert screen (see the image below), there is an icon that looks like an envelope with a ? in it. Tap on it.

Top-right of the Ask The Expert screen

You will be taken to a page where you can ask a question, which will be sent via your email client to me.

The form will send your message via your email client.

Don’t forget to tap SUBMIT

Alternatively, reply to any All One Planet newsletter email.

My mission is to Make Your Meditation Amazing. If you feel you need something to help you get there, let me know.

Colin Ellis
Meditation Maverick
IntrAnaut™ Academy