ONE Breath Meditation

Hello, this is Colin and we’re about to do the one breath meditation for beginners.

This is an introduction. I was listening to a monk recently and he said to the audience, “Check to see if you’re breathing, just to make sure that you really are breathing“. And as they were checking, he said, “You are now meditating“.

So I’d like you now to check to see if you’re breathing. For a full breath all the way in and all the way out. Just to make sure that you are breathing, but also this is your first ONE Breath meditation.

The question I often get is, “Where on the breath should I be watching?

And the answer to that, as a beginner, is wherever is most prominent for you at the time. For instance, if you wake up in the morning and what’s most prominent to you is the sound of the breath. Then you listen to the sound of the breath for the full breath in and out.

At another time (maybe on the same day), you decide to medicate on the breath. You feel it at your chest, so you observe it for the full in and out breath.

The only stipulation is that you stay with the same part of the breath for the full meditation. And it doesn’t matter how many breaths you have in your meditation, whether it’s one, three or 10. You stay with the same part of the bread.

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