Best Meditation to Release Stress

A meditation emphasising the use of the mind-technology of Restful Absorption (RA) will produce an optimal internal environment to release stress. Use this audio until you learn how to guide yourself in this meditation.

16 minutes of Restful Absorption (RA) stress release meditation.

To get muore out of your RA (and release 10x more accumilated stress), train in Engrossed Attention (EA). Use the 5 minute meditation on the breath below to get you started.

5 minute meditation on the breath

Other mind-technologies of meditation will help you make your meditations even more therapeutic and amazing.

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However, if you are not ready for becoming a free member of the mobile app, I suggest you dive-deep into exploring the breath meditation so you can make the most of your stress-releasing meditations.

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How to de-stress, and access the calm, peaceful, spaciousness of your inner world.

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Breath Meditation Self-assessment chart

With the self-assessment chart you can see if you’re doing the breath meditation right. Also, diagnose any problems with this simple practice.

This simple, step-by-step guide, provides you with what you need to make your meditations a pleasant experience – and your life happier too!

This self-assessment chart will give you what you need to go beyond the significant, third level of Calm Abiding.

Cover for 5 Steps to meditation Happiness

Breath Meditation Q&A

  • What is breath meditation and is it different from mindfulness?
  • What is absorption (in relation to the Breath Meditation)?
  • What about distractions?
  • I cannot meditate!
  • I’m not feeling the out-breath.
  • Do I focus on the number, or the breath? & When do we say the number?
  • When do we know we are ready to stop counting? & Counting is a distraction.
  • The gaps between breaths, is when I get distracted.
  • How long does it take to meditate?

Plus, 7 Reasons to Meditate

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