Tracka & Unlock Codes


I’m very pleased you have downloaded the Meditation & Wellbeing app.

If you found this page and do not have the app yet, please download it now because nothing here is of any use without the app.

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QR code for the Meditation & Wellbeing app by IntrAnaut Academy

There are two ways the ‘Tracka’/Unlock Codes can be used:

  1. To gain access to the memberships and resources (depending upon your preferences, ability level, etc., so you’re not overwhelmed with stuff you’re not interested in).
  2. It gives you access to the Track Now system, whereby you can contribute to the comments about the message given via a book/video/card and then see how the message travels around the world. You’ll see the comments by others who have experienced the book/video/card’s message.

Here are a few CODES you can try out (FREE):

Beginner member = code 862876 for everyone (you do not need this code to register on the app as a free, Beginner member. It is here, only for those who are curious and wish to try it out). Not applicable if you are already a member or have used any code already (you automatically gained Beginner membership).

Care to Heal (membership) = code 805073 for anyone who is unwell (mentally, physically, or emotionally), and their Carer. You also receive Beginner membership, so the resources here are EXTRA.

Visualization Kit (resource) = code 867168 for anyone who wants to increase their ability to visualize or use their imagination – especially in meditation.

the words "Visualization Enhancement Kit" on top of a scene depicting a waterfall in a lush, green valley, and an huge (stylized) eye hovering in the centre