What Is the Best Meditation?

Excerpts from the book, There Are Only 7 Ways to Meditate : Make Your Meditation Amazing

The framework within the book has seven mind-technologies (aka forms, types, or spheres of meditation).

The seven spheres of meditation are:

Restful Absorption (RA)
Intentional Awareness (IA)
Engrossed Attention (EA)
Authentic Attitudes (AA)
Visualisation or Imagination (VI)
Question or Introspect (QI)
Mantra or Invocation (MI)

RA + IA are the core mind-technologies. It’s not meditation without both, therefore the list below includes both RA + IA for all types of meditation.

Spoiler alert: not every meditation will take you to the specific effects attributed to meditation. For example, if your goal is enlightenment, the meditations within this book will not take you there.

The best meditation is the one that takes you one step closer to achieving your goals.

Depending on your preferences, this list might be helpful:

RA + IA (emphasising Resteful Absorption (RA)), will reduce your accumulated stress. An antidote to trying too hard. Developing trust. Quietening the mind.

RA + IA (emphasising Intentional Awareness (IA)), will give your intuitive mind access to the data it needs to make changes in the background. You respond to new stress more appropriately.

RA + IA + EA (Engrossed Attention (EA)) supports the release of trauma and major stress from your system. Developing focus of attention (an antidote to a hyper mind).

RA + IA + EA (Engrossed Attention (EA)) sets in motion the Principle of Gravity. Once you become good at EA, the other mind-technologies then become a lot more effective.

RA + IA + AA (Authentic Attitudes (AA)) will make all your meditations more therapeutic and your life happier.

RA + IA + VI (Visualisation or Imagination (VI)) is used for healing, shamanic journeying, better performance (sport or work, etc.), or goal visioning (manifesting).

RA + IA + QI (Question or Introspect (QI)) is great for psychological & spiritual enquiry, changing beliefs, gaining insights, and asking what your essence wants.

RA + IA + MI (Mantra or Invocation (MI)) is wonderful for opening to new ways of trusting and loving. It’s also for those who are musically minded.

The list – of goals the seven spheres will support – is not extensive. They are initial pointers.

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